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The Forums

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The Forums

Post by Chexmate on Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:08 pm

Here is an introduction to the forums if you are new to them. Hopefully this will help you to become alot more active and have fun like we do!!

This is a list of each Board we have on the forums, and I will provide a nice description for each one so it might help you.


Welcome- The Welcome Board is here for you to introduce yourself to our community. To post a little about yourself so we get to know you better. This Board is stricktly for Hi's and Hello's and maybe even goodbye's. This is a great way to make friends with others and know them better.

Annoucements - The Annoucements will be only for any Admins or Co-Leaders, and no one else is allowed to post on it. Annoucments is mostly only for informational stuff only and nothing else.

Rules - This Board will contain ALL rules that also includes the Clan rules, and Forum rules. It probally be best to look at it as soon as possible so you are not kicked from this clan.

Events - When ever we create Events and possibly give away free stuff it will be located in this section. Anyone is allowed to make an event as long as its organized. Be sure you no miss any, they are always FUN!!

Help / Question - The Help section is for any help you need. If you need help with the forums, this would be the best place to ask for questions!


Call of Duty - If you play Call of Duty and want to share your scores, fav map, your name, or anything about it, this is the place to go. Even if you have a match coming up with another clan and want to talk strategy, this is a great place to do it!

Gunz: The Duel - In this Board we talk anything about GunZ. There are even Sub Boards that will help the organization of the Forums out. The Boards are pretty simple to understand so just follow what the names say.

Other Games - If you have a game that you want the clan to play, no matter what system, this would be the place to post. Depending on how many people play the game the person suggested it might even turn into another Board on this section.

New Games - If you find that a new game is coming out that you would love to discuss, this would be the Board to do it. You have free range in whatever game you would like to talk about.


Xbox 360 - If you have an xbox and would like to play with others, this would be a oerfect Board to do it in. You can talk about xbox games, your gamertag, or help if you have issues with it.

Computer - If your on these forums with a computer then your in luck, because we have a Board for you too!! This Board will talk about anything that have to do with computers. Compare what kind of computer you have, games you play on the computer, and any help you would like to discuss about it, I'm sure we can help!

Playstation 3 - If you own a PlayStation 3 and would like to talk about it with us this would be your Board. You can find others who have an account and play with them, talk about games it has, or ask for help about it.


Off Topic - Here in this Board you can post ANYTHING you want. There is no limit to what you can do as long as it doesn't break any of the forums rules. Spam is also allowed.

Videos - As long as the posts you post are about Videos, then you can do it. Remeber No PORN

Pictures - Here you can post any picture you like including yourself!! Again this is where the random pictures go!

Downloads - If you want us to download something that you feel is cool, posting a link or posting about it is allowed here.

Polls - If you would like post a random poll about someone or something this is a perfect Board to do it on!

Tutorials - Tutorials is an extremely helpful Board. It not even helps with posting picutes on the forums and creating logos, but YOU can even post a tutorial about anything you like. If its good enough it will be sticky'ed for EVERYONE TO SEE!!

These are the forums that you will be posting on, Need any quest please ask away Smile



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